Easy Tip Calculator

Tipease is the best, no-frills tip calculator for your iPhone. Launch Tipease and one screen does everything with no clicking around or swiping through complicated setup procedures. Now until May 10, 2018, Tipease is a free download on the Apple App Store.

  • Choose between a basic one-click rating of your service experience or an advanced sliding scale rating of your service speed, accuracy, attention and hospitality.
  • Change your minimum and maximum tip in Settings, and Tipease automatically customizes the buttons and sliding scale to match your personal tipping habits.
  • Subtract the tax and service fee or add the value of a discount or coupon with no trouble.
  • Effortlessly split the check up to 10 ways.
  • Round your total.

Tipease has a stylish and sophisticated interface and looks great on the iPhone X. The app is fully 64-bit optimized and comes with all features unlocked with no ads and no in-app purchases. Available exclusively on the iPhone for iOS 9.0+. Download on the App Store now.

Contact support@easytipcalculator.com.